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CBG Isolate Powder

HushMedix CBG offers its customers an affordable price of bulk Canadian CBG isolates.

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Pure CBG Isolate

Pure, Premium, 100% Additive-Free CBG Isolate

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Pure CBG Isolate
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CBG Isolate Powder

Hush Medix CBG Isolate Powder is made from pure hemp extract, and the extraction process removes all THC. Ideal for those who have insomnia, anxiety, other ailments, and a natural pain killer. 

CBG isolate is crystallized into a powder for those looking exclusively for CBG. This can be great for food recipes, making your own products or in a combination with other hemp extracts. With a 98% potency and a light terpene flavour and odour, CBG isolate is the perfect choice to introduce this highly-valued cannabinoid to any product.

CBG is just starting to emerge for its potential health benefits. Despite not fully understood, initial research suggests that it may be useful in the treatment of a wide variety of physical and psychological conditions such as:

CBG vs CBD: The Difference

The cannabinoids CBG and CBD are entirely distinct. This means that the chemical structures and effects on your body are different.  

All THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids begin as CBG (cannabigerol). This is due to CBG frequently forming at the early stages of hemp plant growth. However, you can get CBG at an earlier date if you start extraction in hemp growing. Like CBD, the extract can be infused into oils, tablets, or consumable products. In Hemp plants, we find, as opposed to CBG, high amounts of CBD. That’s one reason why CBD products are easy to find. Nevertheless, both substances interact with your body, regardless of their concentration, have different consequences. But the future benefits (which we will subsequently evaluate) tend to differ.

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is a chemical compound found in hemp plants. CBD is used for various health benefits, such as pain reliever, treating anxiety, insomnia, and more. It is usually the main medicinal component in CBD oils and CBD edibles to promote relaxation and calm.

What is CBG?

CBG or Cannabigerol is sometimes referred to as the “mother” of cannabinoids because it serves as the building block from which all other cannabinoids are constructed. 


CBG Benefits Include:

CBG vs CBD infographic

What is CBG Isolate?

CBG - Mother of Cannabinoids


CBG isolate has been reported to have antimicrobial qualities, to enhance dopamine levels, to improve sleep, and to act as an appetite stimulant, according to anecdotal evidence. It also uses better hemp genetics to extract clear crystalline isolate that is 99 percent or higher purity.

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