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Pain Relieving Canadian CBD Pills and CBD Capsules

Buy Broad Spectrum CBD Softgels in Canada. Get Hush Medix premium quality CBD wholesale made from organic Canadian Hemp. We stand by the premium quality products

Important: It is always recommended to go low and slow with dosing. Should you have any questions please reach out to our customer service team.

Pure CBD Pills

Quality CBD Wholesale Canada
Pure CBD Pills
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Pure, Premium, 100% Additive-Free CBD Capsules

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CBD Wholesale

What are CBD Pills?

CBD Softgels and Pills are quickly gaining market popularity for their fast acting method of tapping into the many benefits of CBD. Similar to our organic tinctures our Softgels are high-potency organic CBD and blended with organic MCT oil before being encapsulated into a gelatin softgel.

Simple, easy and convenient. Just pop one into your mouth and swallow it or let it dissolve under your tongue to start enjoying the mental and physical benefits of high-quality CBD in no time!

These softgels are the perfect way for the first-time user to start tapping into the wonders and experiencing the boost of this exceptional cannabinoid.

Directions for use:

Consume 1-3 Softgels per day with water.


Effects may take up to 1-2 hours and can last 6-10 hours or more. The affect can be different for everyone so please use caution.


They can be taken in the morning, during the afternoon to aid in boosting energy levels or in the evening as part of your bedtime routine.

Looking for Private Label CBD?

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Uses for CBD Capsules

CBD Pills For Pain

CBD are found to have potential healing benefits because it contains plant-based compounds and a spectrum of cannabinoids. These compounds are found to have anti-viral, anti-microbial, and anti-inflammatory properties. CBD can also be a good alternative for a painkiller because it is natural and non-addictive compared to synthetic opioids. It can help alleviate various health conditions including insomnia, arthritis, chronic pain, and anxiety.

CBD Pills For Sleep

Studies have found that CBD Distillates can also treat mental health issues like anxiety, insomnia, and depression. Humans have an inborn endocannabinoid system that can produce cannabinoid neurochemicals to link with them. There are endocannabinoid receptors throughout the human body and the central nervous system. These receptors are essential to our body’s healing and recovery process. It can help manage the pain, emotions, thinking, and immune system responses.

CBD Benefits: What is CBD used for?

CBD has many health and wellness benefits because it interacts with our bodies’ endocannabinoid system (ECS), which regulates itself to maintain a state of balance that supports optimal functionality.


 CBD also helps relieve symptoms associated with chronic conditions such as arthritis or cancer cells by reducing the inflammation in the body and brain. CBD offers many benefits, such as helping with mood, pain management, sleep quality, and inflammation levels in the body!

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