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How To Buy CBD Online in Canada with HushMedix

Our commercial team has helped thousands of retailers and food supplement producers, from sources of high-quality CBD and other hemp derivative products – our teams have you covered. To get your wholesale application started, contact our team now at 1-250-859-5838

Ordering CBD Questions

No. Shipping is only available within Canada

  1. Create a profile
  2. Select a product and add to cart
  3. Select check out
  4. Enter shipping details
  5. Send E-Transfer


Once transfer is received order will be processed and shipped out.
If payment is received before 2pm order will be processed that day, if received after it will be sent out the next business day.



We accept E-Transfers.
Please add the order number to the memo section and send the e-transfer to the following email.


All payments must be sent within 48 hours or your order will be cancelled.

Please do not add or change any information provided. 

Once our info is entered and saved in your banking app your future orders will be easy to pay for.

To send an INTERAC e-transfer:
1. Go into your online banking.
(This can be accessed from a smartphone or desktop computer)
2. Select INTERAC e-Transfers.

3. You should see this list of options:

Send INTERAC e-Transfer
From: (Select this to choose your account you will send your funds from)
Memo: (Your name or phone # or Order#)

This may differ depending on your bank, but generally will be the same.

4. Under “To:” select “add new recipient”, we are the recipient, because we are receiving the e-Transfer

5. Fill in all information:

Name: Our “Pay to name” (See payment instructions).
Select option: “Email”, and type our email from payment instructions (Make sure spelling is 100% correct, any typos will result in us never receiving it).
Security question: See payment instructions.
Answer: See payment instructions (this is what we use to deposit your e-Transfer)

6. Once all information is entered, at the bottom of the screen click “ADD RECIPIENT”.
You should be sent back to original e-Transfer page.
7. Enter amount: (This is your order total).
8. Under memo/comments: add your order number.
9. Click “CONTINUE”. Finally click “CONFIRM”. Your payment is now finished! When your e-Transfer is deposited by us, you will receive an email or text message from Interac confirming the pay to name deposited your funds.

We will Accept a refund for full purchase price of any unopened items that are returned within 30 Days. It can take up  to 30 days to process the return by mail  and credit your account.

For returns by mail  please make sure to enter all  your information including email address. We will notify you by  Email once your return has been processed.


NOTE:  Shipping and handling  costs are non refundable  unless the return  is due to a Hushmedix   error.

We do are best to make sure our packaging is discreet however if for some reason your package doesn’t arrive please email us right away.

Hush Medix will cover the shipping on orders over $175 before taxes. We charge a flat  rate of $15 on all orders for nationwide shipping under $175 before taxes

CBD Product FAQs

All tests are done by a 3rd party lab to analyze samples for the following: (click here for the latest results)

Potency, bacterial, microbial life, mycotoxins (fungus) and pesticides.

  • CBD Isolate analysis
  • Broad spectrum oil analysis
  • Full spectrum Crude Oil Analysis
  • Nano-emulsified CBD Isolate Analysis
  • Broad spectrum CBD soft gel analysis
  • CBG isolate Analysis
  • CBN Analysis

The process used is a cold ethanol extraction process allowing for both cannabinoids and terpenes to be extracted from the hemp material. Ethanol is considered a polar solvent that can dissolve cannabinoids, but also dissolves water-soluble molecules in the plant producing a full spectrum product.

The hemp used for the creation of our products is 100% organically grown in Canada.

Our CBD isolates have tested for purity of over 99%

Cannabidiol (or CBD) is a non-intoxicating non-psychoactive component of cannabis plants. CBD is a cannabis compound that has many potential medical benefits and can counteract the psychoactivity of THC. Some of the benefits include anti-inflammatory, anti-anxiety, anti-nausea, anti-psychotic, and/or anti-convulsive effects.
It has also shown to help with sleep issues. CBD affects everyone differently and must be taken consistently to deliver results (which can not be guaranteed).

CBD can be consumed orally, smoked, or applied as a topical.
If you find the taste is an issue, you can experiment with our CBD isolate by consuming it with a carrier of your choices such as apple sauce or honey.

Cannabis terpenes are aromatic oils that combine cannabis varieties with distinctive flavours such as citrus, pine, berry, and mint. Each individual terpene is associated with unique effects (there has been over 100 terpenes identified in the cannabis plant!). Some terpenes promote relaxation and stress-relief while others promote focus and acuity. Terpenes interact synergistically with cannabinoids to produce and enhance the plant’s effects.

Why Buy CBD From HushMedix?


Our main warehouse is located in British Columbia, we provide fast shipping wherever you're located in Canada.


We believe in service before sales. That's why all of our customers are assigned a dedicated account representative.


We grow our hemp locally in Canada.
If you need CBD or any products derived from Hemp, we have it.

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To get your wholesale application started, contact our team now at 1-250-859-5838 or with the contact for below.

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Our CBD oil is thoroughly analyzed to certify that it is pure and free from harmful toxins, pesticides or heavy metals.

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