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does topical cbd work

Does Topical CBD Work?

There are literally cannabinoid receptors throughout your entire body. They are literally everywhere. That’s what makes CBD so powerful. It literally helps everything. So when you ingest CBD it takes longer to get to the body because it’s being processed in the liver. But topically it absorbs faster and direct to that area.

Ingesting takes longer and breaks down in the liver so not all the CBD that’s ingested gets to the nervous system. Most of it is filtered out by the liver.

Is CBD Topical better than Ingesting CBD?

Every person has different views towards CBD or they may have health conditions or take medicines that prevent them from taking CBD products.

HushMedix CBD Cream is an organic topical product that affects localized areas such as joints, ankles, shoulders, and back. It does not go into your bloodstream like edible CBD. We have seen more people reacting instantly to the topical CBD than they have been with edibles.

Can I make my own organic CBD Cream?

Yes! Our Wholesale CBD Isolate and CBD Distillate are used to make your own organic CBD products. Check CBD recipes.


CBD Topicals are for people that don’t want to ingest CBD but would like to get the medicinal wonders of Cannabidiol.

For folks that would like to enjoy the full benefits of CBD, you can try our CBD Capsules which are made from pure CBD Distillate.

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